Examples of Projects

  • Redesign the surgical services for a $1 billion revenue generating health system in North Carolina
  • Improve hospitals reveune cycle process
  • Conduct Activity Based Costing (ABC) Analysis for several hospitals
  • Build Quality and Performance Excellence Plan for the Information Technology department at the largest, medical integrated healthcare delivery institutionin the USA.
  • Research Core Lab process improvement project – Establish a measurements system to accurately and consistently measure the turnaround time for assay processing. Facilitated a value stream mapping session to identify opportunities for improvements.
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) application process redesign to enhance compliance and reduce rework – Office of Human Subjects Protections:
  • Institutional Review Board process improvement project: reducing the Full Board Turnaround time to a maximum of 21 days.
  • Research Administration Processes – The pre-award budgeting process improvement project: Turnaround time reduction for budget preparation from by 50% for the Industry Sponsored Studies, system-wide project included 3 sites.
  • Research Protocol Development process improvement project: Turnaround time reduction from 6 months to 4 weeks for externally authored protocols, and 10 weeks for internally authored protocols for the Cancer research unit.
  • Clinical – Surgery (3X5): Value stream map the process of Thoracic surgery to achieve three cases by five PM. 
  • Pediatrics Radiology Scheduling Improvement: eliminate the waste and rework in obtaining the pediatrics patients schedule, consolidate the five modalities schedules into one schedule. The project improved the utilization of the limited radiologist resource and increased communication and satisfaction while decreasing waiting times and phone calls, resulting in less frustration.
  • Clinical Layout and Design: Customers were concerned about the waiting area for Radiology exams. This projects value stream mapped all five Radiology modalities in the area (CT, MRI, NukeMed, Ultrasound and Vascular Interventional). The team listed the wastes, identified opportunities to improve the area and made recommendations.
  • Staff to workload: Developed staffing decision making system, to support the staffing needs (RN and LPN) for the department of Family Medicine, based on the number of scheduled patients.
  • Clinical – ICU: VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia) process improvement project: Increased compliance with the VAP bundle to 98%.
  • Radiology: Optimizing Communication with Referring Physicians Using Standardized Reports. •
  • Clinical - Radiology: Professional Outcomes Metric. • Clinical - Radiology: Clinical Appropriateness Criteria for Radiology Imaging.
  • Value Stream Mapping, to clarify the need for FTEs for the Medical social services.

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